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Snap Dragon Rug Hooking Frames

Snap Dragon Rug Hooking Frames
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Snap Dragon Rug Hooking Frames

Snap Dragon Rug Hooking Frames
Snap Dragon Rug Hooking Frames
Snap Dragon Rug Hooking Frames
Snap Dragon Rug Hooking Frames
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Description: Snap Dragon Rug Hooking Frames - The Ultimate Frame! Fine Frames for Old-Fashioned Rug Hooking -Available in Cherry & Deluxe (Aluminum)- Available in 5 different Styles! More details...
Wood Accents:

Frame Style:

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Product Details:

Note: Due to MFG stipulations - we must add a $10.00 Shipping fee to your order (regardless of order amount) when you purchase a Snap Dragon Frame. This $10 fee will not show on your order.  We will add it when we process your order.

Available in Cherry & Deluxe (Aluminum)
Available in 5 different Styles....
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The Snap Dragon Frame uses a compound lever system with magnets, which amplifies the amount of force you apply to stretch your rug backing. A small amount of movement is all that is necessary to put a large amount of tension on the rug backing. The frames self-lock into place.

The 17.125" x 14.625" frame leaves an ample 13.5" X 11 ' working area and can be mounted on several different base and leg assemblies so you can choose your preferred mode of hooking. It is comfortable to handle, well balanced and weighs between 4.75 and 6.5 lb.'s, depending on the model.

Made primarily of poplar with cherry accents. The wood is hand sanded and finished with several coats of clear lacquer to bring out the natural beauty and character of the wood. The Deluxe Frame has milled aluminum accents for added strength and durability. The legs are made of lightweight but strong aluminum strapping, adding a silvery touch.

These frames are the finest on the market and come with a limited 1 year warranty. 3 year limited warranty is provided on the Deluxe model.
Snap Dragon Frame Styles

LAP STYLE:   Highboy, Lowboy and Angled


(Stand sold separately)

(Fits Puritan Stand-
Sold Separately))


How to Operate the Snap Dragon Frame (TM)

The Snap Dragon Frame (TM) uses a compound lever system which amplifies the amount of force you can apply to stretch your rug backing.  You must never use a tool to force the paddles into position. Only finger or hand strength should be used to operate the lever.  Applying too much force to the paddle levers can cause the backing to tear or shred and/or the frame to crack.  The following pictures show the operation of the lever without fabric on the frame.

Image   Image   Image

Fig. 1                                          Fig. 2                                          Fig. 3

Loading Position              Engaging the Paddle              Working Position

This simple and rather small amount of movement is all that is necessary to put a large amount of tension on the rug backing.  The pressure on the frame caused by the stretched fabric causes the paddles to lock in place.  To remove the fabric, simply reverse the process by disengaging the paddles.

Now let's do that again, but with a rug pattern on the frame.

Image   Image   Image

Fig. 4                                          Fig. 5                                          Fig. 6

Sit back, get comfy, and place the frame on your lap (Fig. 4).  The gripper rails should be in the Loading Position (Fig. 1).  Now place your pattern on the frame, centering your work area.  Smooth the fabric down onto the grippers allowing plenty of slack.  Do NOT pull the fabric tight! (Fig. 5).  While holding the rug backing with your left hand (Fig. 6), engage the paddle (Fig. 2) from underneath with your right hand until it locks in place (Fig. 3) in the Working Position.

Image   Image   Image

Fig. 7                                          Fig. 8                                      Fig. 9

Next, move to the left gripper rail (or the gripper across from the first).  Hold the pattern against the left gripper rail with your right hand (Fig.7) and engage the paddle from underneath with your left hand, again moving it to the Working Position (Fig. 3).  This time the tension of the fabric should "snap" the paddle into place.  If you cannot engage the paddle easily with your hand or if there is hard resistance, you need to release the tension on the rug backing and reposition the fabric, allowing a bit more slack.  Some rug backing fabrics stretch more than others, so varying amounts of slack will be required in order to achieve a good working tension.

Repeat the process with the upper gripper rail and paddle (Fig. 8) followed by the lower (Fig. 9).  Once again, if the paddles are difficult to engage, remove the fabric and reposition with a little more slack.  It may take a little practice to achieve your ideal working tension.

Once you become comfortable with the process you will be able to remove and adjust your pattern very quickly.  It should also be noted that, as the backing becomes more and more fully hooked, it becomes stiffer and less able to stretch.  More slack will be required as you approach completion of your project.

Safety Position

The Snap Dragon Frame (TM) also has a safety position for the gripper rails when the frame is not in use (Fig. 10 & Fig. 11).

Image   Image

Fig. 10                                       Fig. 11

Simply flip the gripper rails upside down before you set the frame aside.  This quick and easy safety measure may help protect your loved ones from injury when you are not using your frame.

#Gripper Strips

To clean your gripper strips, we recommend using a soft dedicated toothbrush to remove wool buildup in the needles.  If they are packed, it is best to remove the gripper strips from the gripper rails, and use a wire brush to clean them.  The wire brush can damage the gripper rails and possibly cause them to fail under tension.  Do NOT use a wire brush on the gripper strips while they are mounted in the frame.

To remove the gripper strips for cleaning or replacement, you should wear leather gloves.  The grippers are held in only by friction.  Simply slide them out along the long axis of the gripper rail, pushing them away from you.  Pulling the strips out can break the wooden lip that holds the gripper strips in place.  When replacing the gripper strips in the frame, make sure that the needles are angled out from the center of the frame.  If you have trouble inserting the new gripper strips , try spraying the rail with an industrial silicone lubricant.  Do not use oil as a lubricant as it will cause both the gripper strip and the rail to expand, making them even tighter.

Product Reviews

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"Snap Dragon Frame"

Louise Yoshihara on 5/25/2015 12:21:52 PM

Product Review: I bought the frame that fits on a Puritan stand several years ago. I love it's ability to keep the pattern as taut as I like it. I've heard some complaints that it held patterns so taut that the pattern was warped. I'd like to remind everyone that it's only as taut as you make it. It can be as taut as a drum or as loose as you like it. I prefer it to be pretty taut as I find hooking on a loosely mounted pattern makes hooking much harder.

"Snap Dragon rug hooking frame"

Maxine Benson on 11/24/2014 12:56:53 PM

Product Review: It is by far the very best rug frame on the market!!. Airlines have become so restrictive there's a real need for a collapsible travel frame. Maybe that's something to think about

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