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Schacht Standard Floor Loom - High Castle - Cherry

Schacht Standard Floor Loom - High Castle - Cherry
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Schacht Standard Floor Loom - High Castle - Cherry

Description: Schacht Standard Cherry Floor Loom, High Castle is available in two widths and two harness set-ups. Starting price is shown. Select for more pricing and information. More details...
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Product Details:

Schacht Standard Floor Loom - High Castle - Cherry

The higher profile of the High Castle model appears visually larger than the Low Castle, although they take up the same floor space. 

The High Castle loom includes a Storage Tray and holes drilled in the top of the castle uprights for the swivel pin of an extension lamp.

Available in 36" and 46" wide weaving widths.

All Standard floor looms may be ordered with eight or Four Now-Four Later* shaft options. The number of shafts you choose will depend on the kind of weaving you intend to do. Though most weave structures can be woven on four shafts, additional shafts increase your pattern options extensively. If you have a keen interest in pattern drafting and weave structures, eight shafts will allow you to fully develop this interest.

The Schacht Standard floor loom has an under-slung jack mechanism to raise the shafts. The jacks pivot from two points equidistant from the center and lift the shafts by pushing up on the center point.  It employs a parallel lamm system which gives the loom a light treadling action.  Because of this parallel lamm, it isn't necessary to adjust the tie-up cords.

The tie-up system is quick and easy to use. Pre-measured nylon tie-up cords hang from the lamms and are attached to a treadle by sliding the appropriate cords into the treadle slot. This makes changing tie-ups very fast.

Other special features of the Standard floor loom include: friction reducing aluminum shaft channels, a back beam which folds with or without a warp on the loom, removable back and breast beams, and an adjustable open-sided beater. The braking system employs a ratchet and dog on the cloth beam and a friction brake on the warp beam. This combination give you precise tension control at all times.

 *"Four Now - Four Later" (4N4L) is an eight harness loom shipped with only four harnesses installed, but with the capacity to add an additional four harnesses. You can purchase a kit to add four harnesses at a later time. 4N4L looms are shipped with all the heddles, tie-ups and other items normally included with an eight harness loom.

Weight ranges from 100 lbs to 141 lbs depending on the number of harnesses. 

All Wolf looms, Pup looms and the Schacht Standard looms now come with inserted eye heddles as standard equipment.

The loom includes:
- Stainless steel reed (your choice - mention size in comments section at check-out).
- 11" boat shuttle with bobbin
- Brass reed hook
- 2 Lease Sticks
- 3 Apron Rods
- Stainless steel heddle bars and inserted eye heddles
- (800 for the 36 inch and 1000 for the 46 inch)
- Maintenance Manual

FREE shipping in the continental US for all  floor looms

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