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Woolery Class - Workshop - Festival Calendar

Class, Workshop & Fiber Festival Calendar- 2015
Class sizes are limited. Please check back regularly for new additions and cancellations.

Download & Print Schedule - Click Here

Please Call to Schedule 800-441-9665. Classes are small, as usual, to allow for lots of individual attention. All Classes & Workshops are paid in advance, first come, first serve.*

* No cancellations within 30 days of class. 20% cancellation fee prior to 30 days of class. No cancellations within 60 days of workshops. 20% cancellation fee prior to 60 days of workshop.
* For classes with a materials fee that fee will be collected separately from the class fee and will be paid to the instructor by the student. Instructors can take payments in cash or check only.

Custom Classes & Private Lessons Now Offered!


Donít see a fiber-arts class youíre interested in? Just ask! We have instructors who are proficient in a number of crafting practices and are happy to give customized, private lessons. We can facilitate single-attendee classes or groups up to 6. Rates are $40 an hour per-person, with a 2-hour minimum. Some ideas to choose from:

- Spinning
- Weaving
- Knitting
- Rug Hooking
- Rigid Heddle Loom Instruction
- Felting



If you have 4 or more people interested in a specific class not already scheduled, give us a call for rates. Contact Taevia at to schedule a custom class today!



Capital Plaza Hotel is an easy 4 block stroll from our location; in addition, The Meeting House Bed & Breakfast is also in our walk-able district about 2 blocks away. We are located in the heart of Downtown Frankfort where you will find a number of restaurants, shops, and museums to suit your needs while you visit us at The Woolery!

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Class & Workshop Descriptions

Beginning Spinning

In this class you will learn to spin a yarn, first by mastering the basics of drafting on a hand spindle, and then progressing to the wheel. The basics of fiber selection will be covered, as well as the differences in various kinds of spinning wheels. All materials will be provided, as well as the equipment to learn on, both spindles and wheels. Everything will also be available for purchase, and guidance offered for the first-time wheel buyer.

Class Duration: 4 hours
Maximum Enrollment: 6

Instructor: Nancy Reid


Rigid Heddle Weaving for Beginners on the Cricket

Attendees receive a special price to purchase the loom they are weaving on in class!
The Rigid Heddle loom is a simple way to start weaving. It is particularly suited towards stash busting projects and for people who want to weave, but donít have the space for a larger loom.  In this class you will learn how to plan a project, warp your loom, weave, and finish a project. You will work on a sampler in class that will help you build the skills to plan and weave a complete project! The cost of this class includes the use of a Schacht Cricket loom.  If you decide to purchase the loom you use in class you will receive a 10% discount off of the loom.

Class Duration:
5 hours
Max Enrollment: 6

Skill Level:
Nancy Reid
What to Bring: 5 sheets of printer paper or brown craft paper, scissors, pen and paper to take notes, and glasses if needed. Yarn is supplied.

An Introduction to 4-Harness Weaving

If you've always wondered about weaving, but had no idea where to start, this is the class for you. We'll go through every step in the process, from choosing yarns and winding the warp, to getting it on the loom, weaving it off, and wet-finishing. We'll produce a sampler first, and then repeat the whole process again and plan the first "real" pr
oject, a scarf, and weave it. Along the way you'll learn to read drafts, the symbolic language that weaving is written in, and learn the names of a whole host of odd objects! Weaving can be a rather expensive hobby, as the equipment is significant; see if you like it before you take the plunge. All materials are provided.

Please bring your small workshop loom or we can provide one for a $25 rental fee. Please bring note-taking supplies and a pair of scissors.

Class Duration:
2 full (8 to 9 hour days)
Max Enrollment:
Instructor: Nancy Reid

Other Classes

Beginner Rug Hooking
Learn the basics of rug hooking and start your first project in this class. Topics covered will include; materials for both hooking and backings, different types of hooks, how to prepare and turn the wool into strips, techniques for easy hooking, and finishing techniques. You will finish your project at home.

Class Duration:
6 hours
Max Enrollment:
Taevia Magee
What to Bring:
Note taking materials and a sense of adventure!


Nancy Reid - I've been knitting since I was 5, and that's (gasp!) over 50 years now. I've taught various knitting classes for the last 15 years, and even managed to teach my husband to knit. I've been spinning since 1993, and took up weaving in 1994 when I realized that yarn was coming out much faster than I could possibly knit it all up. I've taught both spinning and weaving classes at festivals and retreats, as well as privately, for the last 12 years. I also teach dyeing, but that takes a whole other set of equipment. I've got Blue State Fair ribbons for weaving, spinning, and knitting. We raised sheep here on the farm for several years before giving up livestock, and now just watch the deer and turkeys in the pasture.

Taevia Magee - Thanks to an Aunt who wanted some peace and quite while babysitting me I first started playing with yarn when I was six. Since then I've learned how to knit, spin yarn, weave, tat, and hook rugs. In my former life as a banker I was part of various training and outreach programs to teach financial litteracy in my community. It was the part of banking that I loved best. Now I have the opportunity to combine my love of fiber and teaching to help others learn about rug hooking and come to love wool and other fibers like I do!

Anna Latek - Having been fascinated with all things bright, shiny, and colorful pretty much since birth, a career in the textile and fiber arts was a given. I've been fortunate enough to have been taught sewing, knitting, crochet, and embroidery by my mother and grandmother, and have been an avid and adventurous felter for several years. Studying costuming and textile history in college have only added to my fascination and desire to share the magic of the fiber arts with the world at large. I believe that you shouldn't be afraid of color, and live by the immortal words of Andy Warhol: "Don't think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.Ē

If you have an interest in being an instructor, please contact us!

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